“The truth is: the natural world is changing. And we are totally dependent on that world. It provides our food, water and air. It is the most precious thing we have and we need to defend it.” ~ Sir David Attenborough

Our Commitment To Mother Nature

Indigenous cultures have enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with nature and thrived for tens of thousands of years… by taking what they needed and not consuming more than what nature could provide.

Now we’re fortunate to play a role in this property’s story and are committed to leaving it in better shape than how we found it. We’re also fortunate to be able to share the experience with our guests and hope to inspire others on what can be gained by living more simply and sustainably.

Sustainability Projects

We can’t do everything. But we can do something. We’re fortunate to be in a position where we can make a positive contribution to our land and community. Here are some of the things we’re working on at the moment.

With support from Mid Coast Council, we’re removing inhibiting weeds like lantana to allow koalas to move more freely and safely across the landscape. We’ll also be planting another 40-50 koala feed trees on the property.

We’re enhancing habitat for wildlife by replacing exotic plants, removing unused man-made structures and replacing with plants and removing invasive weeds. We have installed nesting boxes for different species and plan to install artificial hollows.

We’re proud supporters of conservation organisations Aussie Ark and World Wildlife Fund, FAWNA and Hunter Wildlife Rescue. In the 2023 financial year, we are providing the equivalent of around $10 per night in donations to Aussie Ark and are providing them with over $10,000 of in-kind support. 

We have a 7.8kW solar system and a 13.5kW solar battery. The solar energy produced that is surplus to what is needed to power the household and battery is fed back into the grid. The excess energy that we consume comes from 100% Greenpower renewable energy sources.

We’re doing what we can to cut down on food waste by encouraging guests to place their organic scraps in our large compost bin. Once the food scraps are composted we use it to feed our garden which then can help to feed our guests with the delicious fresh organic produce from the Harvest Garden.

Most of the decor and items you will find in the house are pre-loved, either gifted to us or purchased second hand. When an item no longer has purpose, we will pass on to another person. All bedding and towels and electrical appliances and equipment and other items are purchased new.

Our Harvest Garden provides foods seasonally for guests to use. We change over the produce twice a year in Autumn and Spring. We have a range of herbs, fruits and vegetables. Our fruit trees scattered throughout the gardens also offer pears, apples, nectarines, plums, apricots, lemon, orange, lime, ruby grapefruit.

For a reduced environmental impact, all appliances in the house are electric, energy efficient and powered by renewable energy sources. We have no use for gas on the property except the BBQ which uses LPG gas bottles. Our car is hybrid, fuel efficient and carbon offset.

The cleaning products we use are plant-based, grey water and septic safe, CCF accredited and use 100% recycled and recyclable plastic in the packaging. The bathroom products we provide to guests are in large pump packs made out of recycled and recyclable packaging, Australian made and use all natural products.

Sustainable Systems

Green Purchasing Policy

Our Environmental Purchasing Policy guides us in the products we purchase. We’re appropriate we preference low/no chemical, locally owned and made, ethical, durable, plastic-free and purposeful products.

Supporting Local

All greywater and waste from our bathrooms flows into a septic system which processes it through a transpiration bed. The effluent and greywater seeps out underground to feed the nearby grass.

Greywater Diversion

We recycle the wastewater from our washing machine and kitchen sink through greywater diversion which acts as an underground irrigation system.

Water Harvesting

Our rain water tanks can capture over 75,000 litres of water. 55,000 litres is used in the house and the rest is used on the garden or as a reserve for emergencies. The rain water is safe to drink, however we provide filtered water in the kitchen for guests who may feel unsure about drinking rainwater.

Reducing Waste

We encourage guests to recycle what they can and dispose of organic food scraps in our compost. We purchase purposefully and sustainably. We opt for good quality pre-loved household items that have stood the test of time and will continue on for many years. We repair when possible and pass on to someone else when we’re finished with it.

Eco Sewerage System

All greywater and waste from our bathrooms flows into a septic system which processes it through a transpiration bed. The effluent and greywater seeps out underground to feed the nearby grass.

Memberships & Certifications
Eco Certified Tourism Accommodation Myall Lakes NSW Australia
Land For Wildlife Landcare Mid Coast NSW
Greenpower Renewable Energy

Wandha Myall Lakes is certified through Ecotourism Australia’s world leading ecotourism certification program. This means that when you stay with us, you are supporting a business that is backed by a strong, well-managed commitment to sustainable practices and provides high-quality nature- based tourism experiences.

Our certification demonstrates our commitment to:

  • Looking after our natural environment
  • Offering quality interpretation and educating guests
  • Supporting and engaging our local community
  • Reducing our carbon footprint
  • Protecting our unique wildlife and endangered species
  • Making real contributions to conservation
  • Helping to preserve Australian Indigenous cultures
  • Providing an unforgettable, high-quality guest experience

The Ecotourism Australia Certification programs are recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).

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